I’m trying to get my head around the best delivery of eBooks in a school library.  Each distributor seems to have a different method of delivering their books.  Some, like Amazon.com, really want you to buy a Kindle or at least download their Kindle reader.  They charge for delivery of books that would be free in other venues.  There are other book sellers who do the same.  Their are other companies who are kinder, in that they allow for online reading of their books through a web browser, but also have options for reading through a proprietary or third party reader such as Adobe Digital Editions.

My experience is somewhat limited thus far.  I read Yann Martel’s Beatrice and Virgil on my iPhone running the Kobo reader.  Given that I was traveling at the time, it was nice to have a true pocket book.  I could read anywhere, any time.  The small screen was a little annoying given that I was constantly turning pages, but given the portability and the situation, it was worth it.

I am anticipating trying an iPad in the near future and hope to be able to explore the iBooks app and look forward to having the flexibility of reading through a browser on line on the same portable device.  I expect that there will be restrictions however given that there are limited number of apps for the iPhone/iPad OS (and, from what I’ve read, the iBook store is not yet open in Canada!!!!)

I would be very interested in hearing of others’ experiences with eBooks as readers or librarians.  I’d be particularly interested to hear from librarians that have put some sort of portable device into use in a library situation for the purpose of reading eBooks or online magazine subscriptions.



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