What the heck am I doing here?

Hi.  I’m not new to blogging but I am new to WordPress.  Part of the intent of this blog is to get to know WordPress but it is also, potentially to provide a journal for my journey further into the world of technology in education.  Let me back up.

I am a high school music educator of 18 years who has always been a bit of a computer geek.  I did my essays in high school on a Vic20 and a Commodore64.  I have always used gadgets in my teaching and was on the internet pre-web.  The school that I have been teaching at for the last 18 years is adopting a more agressive approach to the incorporation of technology in the classroom.  Individuals, including myself, have been using Social Networking, online colaborative software and a variety of other networked and hardware tools to enhance learning.  The school is now trying to be more organized in it’s approach and in it’s education of the teaching faculty in the use of these technologies.  I am part of the team that will help develop and implement this policy.

In addition, I have moved into running our school library in the past year.  The change teaching load and the changing role of the library in today’s schools has fascinated me and has also started to shift the way I’ve been thinking about technology in education.

If I am disciplined about this blog and I get some dialogue going, I intend to document my journey in the coming years as I explore the use of technology in education in general and in Music Education and the Library specifically.

If this is interesting to you, drop me a quick note in the comment box and tell me about yourself!


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