Don’t You Love Summer?

Jazz at Lincoln Center Marquee

My head has gotten a little away from technology for the last week or so.  Well, that’s not entirely true, but technology has become more the tool than the toy.  I was lucky enough to be in New York for a few days taking a class on teaching Jazz improvisation.  Brilliant and inspirational.  Had the iPad with me.  That never ceases to be a topic of discussion as soon as it comes out of the bag.  Evernote and the iPad have become my newest best friends.  I took all my notes on Evernote through the iPad and everything was seamlessly synced to my iPhone and my MacBook Pro.  No matter where I am, I am reminded of who said what, when!  I saw a number of people using their iPhones as digital recorders.  Not something that I did given that I saw staff for the academy recording each class as well.  I’ll get those later!

Next week is heavy technology, so expect some posts.  I’ll be starting to podcast a music theory class that I teach, I’m looking at ways of integrating a number of pieces of software (webware?) with my school’s web site and I’ll have three days of meetings with other like-minded folk from my school to look at further ways of implementing technology in our classrooms!  I love the lazy days of summer!  😉


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